Parents’ Responsibility

Many time parents experience difficulty parenting older adolescents and confront problems involving adult children who have not left or who have returned home or who need parental guidance and assistance. There are times parents simply cannot maintain a child in their own home and need significant assistance. Mr. Schweitzer can help navigate Maryland’s “voluntary placement agreement” (VPA) process and advise as to eligibility and the application process.

Mr. Schweitzer’s experience enables him to provide advice and representation in situations that focus on such questions as:

When and under what circumstances are parents of older adolescents and adult children legally or financially liable for teenagers who are still minors but who are not living at home and emancipated adults who continue to live at home?

Are parents at risk of being accused of violating compulsory school attendance (truancy) laws if they cannot compel a teenager to attend school?

When do parents risk being accused of neglecting a child who is beyond their control?

Are parents liable for children who engage in negligent, risky or criminal behavior?

When, if ever, is a parent liable for restitution for damages caused by their child?

When does the child support obligation end and when can parents be ordered to financially assist an adult child?

Are parents allowed to make their own arrangements for private foster care?