Harvey Schweitzer

Harvey Schweitzer is a graduate of UCLA Law School and practices law in the District of Columbia and Maryland. His practice embraces legal matters that affect children and people who care for children such as parents, relatives, day care workers, social workers, teachers and child serving agencies. He teaches juvenile law at Columbus School of Law, Catholic University, and co-authored a book on foster care law. His many years of experience practicing law and teaching enables him to provide representation in unusual situations that involve foster care, child abuse and neglect, adoption, custody and the care of children generally.

Mr. Schweitzer also provides advice and representation to:

  • Child serving agencies and individuals who have been subpoenaed to supply information to or appear before child fatality review tribunals.
  • Social workers and other professionals who have been served with a subpoena or other formal request for documents or testimony that may conflict with their obligation to protect certain information from disclosure or affect the privacy rights of the patient/client.
  • Child serving agencies and individuals who are “mandatory reporters” regarding reporting obligations in general or in specific situations.

Child Custody

Mr. Schweitzer can assist in establishing or preserving unusual custodial arrangements such as those that involve relatives, grandparents and unrelated caretakers.

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Mr. Schweitzer is an experienced adoption attorney and has provided representation in unusual circumstances, such as “three-parent adoptions”, adoptions by transgendered persons and adoptions by unmarried couples.

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Parents’ Responsibility

Many time parents experience difficulty parenting older adolescents and confront problems involving adult children who have not left or who have returned home or who need parental guidance and assistance.

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Child Abuse and Neglect

Unfortunately, those who care for or work with children are at risk of being accused of maltreating these children.

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