Parents’ Responsibility

Many time parents experience difficulty parenting older adolescents and confront problems involving adult children who have not left or who have returned home or who need parental guidance and assistance. There are times parents simply cannot maintain a child in their own home and need significant assistance. Mr. Schweitzer can help navigate Maryland’s “voluntary placement … Read more

Child Custody

Mr. Schweitzer can assist in establishing or preserving unusual custodial arrangements such as those that involve relatives, grandparents and unrelated caretakers. For example, there are occasions when relatives and friends are given children to care for what is initially thought will be a short time but turns into months or even years.


Mr. Schweitzer is an experienced adoption attorney and has provided representation in unusual circumstances, such as “three-parent adoptions”, adoptions by transgendered persons and adoptions by unmarried couples. His experience also includes: drafting, modifying and enforcing agreements that pertain to post adoption contact, visitation and communication. Representing foster parents whose expectation to adopt their foster is … Read more

Child Abuse and Neglect

Unfortunately, those who care for or work with children are at risk of being accused of maltreating these children. Mr. Schweitzer has significant experience representing caregivers, parents and those who work with children when it is alleged that abuse or neglect may have occurred and the individual runs the risk of being placed into the … Read more