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Mr. Schweitzer is an experienced adoption attorney and has provided representation in unusual circumstances, such as “three-parent adoptions” or adoptions by transgendered persons. His experience also includes: Drafting, modifying and enforcing agreements that pertain to post adoption contact, visitation and communication.

• Representing foster parents whose expectation to adopt their foster is being thwarted by the agency

• Representing foster parents who have been denied an adoption subsidy, who wish to increase the subsidy or challenge an agency effort to reduce the subsidy

• Crafting alternatives to adoption such as a subsidized guardianship

• Representation involving equitable adoption

• Changing the birthdate of an adopted child

• Representing adopters who need to disrupt their adoption and find another home for the child

Limited Service Representation in Maryland For legal matters in Maryland it should be noted that lawyers can be retained to provide “limited service representation”.  This means that clients can, under certain circumstances, and by agreement with their lawyer, limit the legal work the lawyer will do to specific aspects of their legal matter. For example, the lawyer can be retained to draft certain court papers or attend only specific court events. Limited representation is intended to make legal services more readily available and more affordable.

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